Friday, September 28th, Delaware’s jamtronica foursome Tweed gave Philadelphia a breakout show worth talking about. The opening performance for jam scene powerhouse Perpetual Groove at The Blockley alongside Tauk and BAM! was one their most memorable yet.

Coming off several festival performances this summer, this show marks the start of Tweed’s fall season. It’s exciting to watch this kind of momentum from a band that only recently graduated from their local dive.

The professionalism of the performance rose to match their circumstances. Though playing a 50-minute set on Friday, the number of tracks was kept relatively short. New song Bandits, Pixelrise and Abandoned House (including a no-huddle drop into Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch) all featured thematic jam sections. Tweed had plenty of room to do what they do best: experiment.

And that they did. Powerful but controlled, their extended jams excited the venue. Perhaps their new musical strategy is “jam is king.” Using composed songs as a scaffold on which to build their performances, they put heavy focus on improvisation and the transition in and out of that framework. The result is a show that mesmerizes and leaves even the most concentrated listener wondering, “Where am I?” The musicianship and cohesiveness displayed at The Blockley shows that Tweed has a presence big enough to fill larger venues and the musical chops to rage with the best.

Keep an eye out for Tweed. Rumor has it they were invited back to The Blockley and plan to play unchartered cities. It’s not a show you want to miss. Find out more about their band, download their new EP and listen to upcoming shows at their website. Oh, and don’t forget the peanut butter.


By Nick Faircloth

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