The 4th Annual PEX Summerfest was nothing less than a magical wonderland. Imagine all of the world’s most beautiful people plopped into one campground glowing with smiling faces and neon art installations.

Amongst the sexy sounds and sights to see (and believe me, there were sexy sights to see, ask everyone at the Whiskey & Whores camp that watched ladies spin the wheel and land on ‘Lick a Pussy’) was Saturday evening’s Effigy. The Setu Tribe of warrior goddesses opened up the burn with a beautiful tribal dance performance that popped off primitive style. The ladies created all their own dance moves and constructed one-of-a-kind leather bras that were each a piece of art in and of themselves.

Immediately following, Conclave served up some of the best fire spinning i’ve ever seen. In fact, I take it back. PEX Fest was hands down the best demonstration of fire arts I’ve ever witnessed. Over the course of the weekend, my mind was blown, picked up off the ground and shoved back into my head, only to be blown again.

Then the Spaceship burned, baby, burned – and we all blasted off.

Check out this sweet video mashup by  Sarah Berger

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