Not a well-versed ska sophisticate, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from an evening with Streetlight Manifesto. While we thought we had seen it all, we weren’t at all ready for the slush of riotous rockers we had just encountered. The Streetlight Manifesto experience can only be described as being inside a mouth full of PopRocks. You’re hit with an auricular tornado of playful horns and the bounciest of riffs. This translates to infectious smiles across each face in the room who belt out every sing-song word to every single song. Yet, it doesn’t stop at the harmonious chanting chorus, and it doesn’t stop at mere headbobbing.


Crank up the intensity knob until you’ve got a moshpit taking up half the floor; a whirlwind of ska-stomping Tazmanian Devils. Circle pits of teenage jumping-beans take over the venue, and as dangerous as the situation appears- everyone’s face is dripping in sweaty bliss. Shoes flew through the sky like hats at graduation, and water bottles whipped through the air like hand grenades. Crowd surfers were passing over the front barricade almost too quickly for security to catch before the next one was in their arms.

With explosive energies that fed off of each other, I found my eyes continuously darting between the band and their rambunctious fans. Both seemed to be having the absolute times of their lives. This raging frenzy of a show took me by complete surprise – it turned out to be the sheer epitome of what we stand for at WE WENT HARD.



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