So its been three days, and I still don’t know what to say about the crazy clusterfuck that was this year’s Starscape festival.
I would say that I woke up ready to own the day, and get there right when the festival kicked off at 2pm, but that isn’t true since somehow Friday night got out of hand, no one slept, and I left some warehouse in Philadelphia’s Italian market at 6:45 in the morning wandering 7/8 naked with no shoes searching for my car along a street full of little babushka’s setting up their fruit stands.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to Starscape until a bit before 7pm, which was fine, I was just in time to catch the end of Phutureprimitive (the first DJ of the day that I truly cared about seeing). Then there’s a little hold up at Staff parking. That’s okay, staff parking never has their shit together anywhere, it’ll be taken care of in a few minutes. 10 minutes later…it’s fine…I’ll be inside in time to catch Paper Diamond. 20 minutes. 30 minutes. At this point, there’s ambulances flying in and out of staff parking. Fire trucks. Cops. More ambulances. No one is allowed in or out of the lot due to ‘medical emergency.’ Unless everyone passed around bags of bath salts and people were chewing on each others brains in a big zombie face-eating cuddle puddle, someone needed to let my car in the fucking gate.

It’s now 8 o’clock and still no one is allowed in via car. Ghostland Observatory’s crew tried to explain to the parking security that he had to play a set in 45 minutes on the main stage. Big bad parking security man GAVE NO SHITS. Shortly after, power blew out completely at one of the beach stages. But what’s that? A bird? a plane? A GENERATOR! Whizzing through stopped traffic to save the day! UNTIL — Mr. parking security man says NO CAN DO! What do you think you’re doing trying to save the music with that backup generator?! There’s a fucking MEDICAL EMERGENCY! A MEDICAL EMERGENCY GOD DAMNIT! There’s kids in here that don’t know how to handle their drugs! Bad acid trips are happening! You can’t save the fucking music, go be a hero someplace else with your generator badassness.

Finally around 9pm, we’re allowed into the lot. I get to the dance tent right as Jesse Tittsworth is walking off the stage. Son of a bitch. Aside from this holdup, the festival is fantastical from here on out. Starscape had hands down one of the most stellar lineups I could have ever hoped or dreamed for, offering an eclectic array of music that could satisfy everyones musical tastebuds.  Steez Promo did it up right. Every stage had a stellar light show, crystal clear tunes, and a crowd ready to rage until the sun came up. And if you weren’t ready to party until sunrise, you were more than welcome to pass out in the shrubbery or take a nappie in the grass until your body allowed you to continue dancing.

Here were the highlights:

Ghostland Observatory had one of the most energetic sets of the night. His Freddy Mercury style tunes along with the Glamazon dancing woke even the K zombies out of their womp-womp dubstep daze.

Beats Antique is always a front-runner for best performance of the night. Bellydancers in rat masks….it’s a new-wave Alice in Wonderland musical.

The surprise ‘blew-me-away’ set of the night that I stumbled into was MiM0sa. This guy’s energy is completely MIND BLOWING. Such good vibes. Such dirty drops. Hit us hard with that future trill.

And of course, the highlight of the festival was Shpongle. Simon played a set that was much more Tribal than usual, with the perfect blend of psy-trance. While most people just stood around (I don’t know whether everyone was just too beat by 4am or whether they were not down with the brilliance that was flooding their ears), you could tell the few that were experiencing eargasms were having the times of their lives.

For full gallery [click here]

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