Up until the random afternoon at my day job a few months ago where one of my coworkers ran in so excited about the show he saw the previous night, that he nearly tripped over his own feet and lost some teeth — up until that moment, I’d never heard of Squarepusher.  This coworker of mine, he loves his drum & bass. So here’s me thinking, “Jesus Christ, Kenny is going to talk my ear off about this shitty DnB show and I’m going to have to smile and nod a lot. How the hell does anyone listen to that shit without doing 12 lines of blow and bouncing around like a spastic brainless fuck?” But Kenny didn’t tell me anything, he just said that I had to watch. He pulled up a preview snippet of the Ufabulum live show. From that YouTube moment on, from the second I saw that this guy could give Amon Tobin’s ISAM a run for his money, I knew I had to go see this performance live.

I got that golden opportunity this week at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, thanks to the wicked rad Eric Sharp. While the ballroom jipped him on the stage lighting, Eric threw down an extra hard set that had even the sober kids shakin ass. Sharp’s set was probably so dim because Squarepusher had ALL THE WORLD’S LIGHTS. All of em. LEDs on his face, damnit. Blinky sexiness radiating out of his head and all over the room, pure electrogasms. The music pushed boundaries; often times sounding like an EDM dog whistle, with high pitch screeches that had all the electroheads screaming for more.

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