Scorching Nipples

What happens when it’s Thursday  night and there’s no music in the city worth driving to?

You go to Stevie P’s backyard, or you utilize the company/ living space of your equally as magical hippie equivalent.

You put this on nice and loud:

Pour some drinks. Light something up.

Then you take a pretty girl and you politely ask her to take her clothes off. Actually, ask if you can do that for her with your mouth.

And then you have a sexy fine thang throwin her ass around to some tribal two-step in your lawn.

And then just when you’re like “this is fucking fantastic, I could watch that ass pop all night. MAKE IT CLAP GIRLLLLL.”

Then you light her on fire.

And then you tell that goddess that her panties are a fire hazard. and they should be removed for the safety of all




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