rusko122912as650 Review


By J-Dawg



...Rusko yelled, as he sauntered out onto the stage like he was going to do something as mundane and routine as taking a piss, secretly knowing that he was about to blow the roof off this House of Blues. His chilled demeanor quickly turned into controlled insanity as soon as he touched those CDJs. Rusko danced, wiggled, posed, and whipped his hair to every beat. I was mesmerized and immediately sipping on the Rusko Kool Aid. I had never seen a dj shake it quite like this, but this crowd of young dubsteppers was ready…grinding, making out, and gyrating like they had been key-bumping Viagras all night.


We kept stepping from the first beat to the last as Rusko effortlessly interlaced some breakneck BPM changes into an ass bouncing mix that is sure to have gotten someone pregnant. Finally, when “Somebody to Love” got dropped at the end of the night, there wasn’t a dry set of knickers in the building.


By 12:30, we all knew that the only thing more unruly than Rusko’s beard in Atlantic City that night, was his DJ set! There in lies an issue though… 12:30! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little salty as Rusko’s set ended abruptly at Midnight:30.  Although, there wasn’t a dry set of knickers, nobody was quite dripping.


A couple more songs, a few more Rusko wiggles, and a little more of a light show, could have left us all walking away with a full release.  That being said, we had a great time, and got totally weird all over each others bodies and as per usual.


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