By Justyn Olliviere

FIRST OF ALL: Club Pulse is not a “Club” per se. What Pulse is, is your high school gym GONE WILD. With batting cages in the middle of the dance floor, a little league coach standing as acting bartender, and a room full of ragers that couldn’t give a single shit about how temporary their favorite rage palace is, Club Pulse is definitely a must go.

We are on the precipice of a full-scale invasion of electronic into popular music and nothing was more representative of this than Laidback Luke, in a gym, in Elkton, Maryland, playing to hundreds of seriously committed University of Delawarians. Today, Rihanna and Calvin Harris are pumping out radio hits that scream electro, while Afrojack and Diplo have become full blown beat makers in the rap community.  This penetration of electronic into mainstream culture became crystal clear at Pulse this weekend. Laidback Luke, a staple in DJ Mag’s top 100 (currently #20), came to drop a classic show on a truly receptive crowd.

The crowd consistently threw up their Laidback Luke L’s in appreciation of his dank drops and persistent delivery of the UNCE. As this energy continued to build through a string of Luke’s most recent singles, you could easily imagine this scene in front of Elvis in the 50s. I was terribly surprised that more panties weren’t thrown on stage.

Drinks: Very odd, “20 dollar ticket for 5 drinks” frequent buyer card payment method.

Venue: Literally a gym.  Sports center by day, party pagoda by night.

Crowd:  People were raging at an accelerated level. Everyone is graduating Magna Cum Laudi with a masters in “EDM appreciation.”

…and one more “rage” for good measure, RAGE!


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