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Primus 3D: Teeter tottering on a psychedelic playground


Forget about the popcorn and candy, the 3D glasses aren’t just for the movies anymore. Primus hit the Tower Theater on Wednesday evening with a 3D multisensory hulaballoo that literally blew every fan into a new dimension. As concert goers took to their seats and ripped into their package of 3D goggles, the scene looked as if we were all about to catch the latest and greatest Pixar premiere. Instead, the lights dimmed and and welcomed us into a two-set visionary and auditory adventure.

Frontman Les Claypool and his fellow bandmates rocked us with two mind-blowing sets that that oozed through our ear canals and scrambled our brains with macabre zaniness. The three-dimensional backdrops didn’t display state of the art 3D mapping nor immaculate presentations of graphic artistry. Instead, the visuals could only be described as if your Windows 98 screen saver ate four hits of super clean acid. Overlay that onto the trippiest segments of those old-time cartoons that were definitely never meant for children. Now, don’t forget you’ve got your 3D glasses on, so you’re being whirlpooled into this sinister psychedelic playground. This spacey exploration was the best rabbit hole anyone has ever had the honor to fall into.

The band all came along on the trippy travels through sound and sight; each member rocking a pair of 3D glasses themselves. Les, Ler and Jay would turn around during instrumental improvs twitch the screen and join us on our journey. The sets were wildly diverse ranging from some Frizzle Fry style funk metal to twisted taled story-songs. Shreddy bass-slappin to space-psych, it was all there.

As hard as venue security tried to keep the crowd in the space allotted for their seating assignments, there was no keeping this party out of the aisles. Bouncing towards the front, now almost at the feet of the colossal blowup spacemen that bookended the stage, I joined the weirdo chorus in belting out, “Primus sucks! Primus sucks!” Hats off to you, Primus. Philadelphia thanks you for the eargasms.

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