Preview: Emissions Festival 2013


Music with outright emotion, passion and energy. Music with feeling.

Throughout the years West Coast Bass Culture has taken great pleasure in representing different forms of interesting bass music that feel amazing together.  They are consistently excited to see it grow and shape new forms through creative exploration and overjoyed that artists continue to push music to new grounds.

This year Emissions is honored to feature a pinnacle of the music that will truly represent these forms.

It is time to experience this in a proper outdoor setting on massive sound, with people that understand  crave – and most of all – respect real bass music. There is no ‘too future’ for us. This, along with all the other groundbreaking artists from every avenue of low end vibration, set it up to be the most satisfying lineup of all. West. Coast. Bass. Culture .

West Coast Bass Culture 2013 will be held in beautiful Belden, CA May 17th through May 19th!

This is Emissions Festival’s 5th consecutive year in production. It was started as a small grassroots event centered around the music & the people.

It quickly grew into a full community of music lovers & appreciators. Now the event helps bring artists to the forefront.
Through all the growth it has continued to be an extremely communal event.

2013 1st Phase Lineup Full Announcement

This is just the first peak into this years musical masterpiece! A hint at the reasons you don’t want to miss this.. it’s going to be a big one!

2nd Phase Lineup announced soon!


WE WENT HARD will be hooking two of our West Coast Bass Faces up to enjoy 3 days of delicious beats

and blissful shenanigans featuring one of the most diverse lineups California has ever seen! 

Check out WE WENT HARD on Facebook to enter!


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