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For someone who talked so much shit about this show being at the Tower Theater, I think when all was said and done I wouldn’t have wanted to see Pretty Lights anywhere else [except a throw-down at the planetarium]. Sure, the theater seating sucks an ass, but I honestly don’t know if any other venue could have delivered those crystal clear acoustics and the mind-melting lighting arrangement. I’m talking LAYERS of lights. Multidimensional laser lasagna.

I’d just been spoiled rotten with Mimosa’s performance at the Trocadero the night before, so I’m going into this thinking nothing’s going to top that Future Trill. Wrong. So wrong. Pretty Lights threw down with the dirtiest deep sexy X-files space disco I’ve ever heard. Imagine the track playing when Mulder and Scully are investigating some Pan’s Labyrinth freaky deaky at Discostar Galactica.

I was upstairs on the balcony when Derek dropped “Still Night,” (the finest Trip Hop has to offer, take a listen above) and you could feel the entire balcony bouncing on beat. In my head I was contemplating whether this was from the slew of blunts being passed around in every direction or whether everybody truly was getting down so hard we were about to collapse this bitch and be on the news. Or both. Let’s go with both.

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