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The Venue: “Class out the ass. Literally”

Rumor is a classy joint with a swanky light show and a posh crowd, and as rumor has it, this is the classy-ass place, with the swank-ass light show, where the posh ragers go to let their hair down and pop that thang.

While descending the marble stair case, it becomes immediately obvious that your wallet is going to hurt in the morning, but when you’re hit with the overwhelming realization that you took eight shots before you left and you haven’t peed since before you hailed the cab, the trip to the bathroom starts to soothe your wallet-ache. Rumor has chosen the completely inefficient but totally awesome idea of individual unisex bathrooms, 100% made for your teary-eyed call to your ex-boyfriend, your white powder-induced freak-out, or just a healthy mid-rage deuce. Bottom line: Rumor’s bathroom will keep you raging in style, even when you are seeking a little bit of rage refuge.

And then there are the lights! What do you get when you pack 5 multi-colored lasers, stage quality strobes, 10 spots and an LED ceiling into a 30×50 room? Rumor’s dance floor! As you can see from our pictures, there is no lack of wild lighting when it comes to Rumor’s designated rump-shaking area. Just like every other facet of this venue, the light show was high quality and rager-approved.

The Artists:

When it comes to Manufactured Superstars, Wikipedia knew exactly what was up: “[Manufactured Superstars] aim to play accessible party music when they perform as DJs and are not considered experimental nor avant-garde in style.” I couldn’t agree more. After respectfully opening their show with a tribute to the late, great, MCA, the Manufactured Superstars went on to play a set which was decidedly mainstream in the realm of electronic and dance music. From the Tiësto remix of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” to a fairly dank remix of Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”, the Superstars didn’t come to ruffle any feathers, yet they played a show that was crowd-pleasing and entertaining.

The most alluring aspect of this DJ duo may not have been their intricate mixing skills or an enlightening song selection, but what they lacked in depth they definitely made up for in breadth. The wide range of Manufactured Superstar-themed elements to the evening definitely made this a hell of an event. Starting with almost every female Rumor employee wearing a sexy space suit and moving right along to the full blown, live spacemen statues (which featured a couple of decked-out Buzz Aldrins standing on the go-go platforms like they were bona fide royal guards), this event was confidently light-hearted and just really fun. After being handed their Manufactured Superstar-branded hipster glasses, everyone was ready to party with their new favorite DJ duo.

-Dr Dash

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