Luna Light Festival is around the corner

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The Luna Light Music and Arts Festival is an integrative collective celebration of harmony in the universe. The moon is our closest luminary and a constant reminder that we are a part of a grander system. The harmonies and synchronizations we are coming to realize within sacred art spaces are keys to unlocking doors that will allow for more of the same to be bestowed upon the earth and beyond.

Located on the beautiful land of the Hex Hollow Farm in Barto, PA the woodland site is surround by mountainous terrain and star filled skies. Our main performance area itself is a multi-media art installation crafted specifically for the occasion by none other than Multi-Media/Visual Arts specialist and New England native Zebbler, designer of the mesmerizing “Shpongletron” and “Shpongletron 2.0″ from Shpongles‘ Shpongletron tours and the EOTO “Lotus Stage.”

Rendering of The Overview Stage designed by Zebbler Studios

Dubbed The Overview Stage, the main performance area on site is named in honor of the transformative unity experience common to astronauts when they view our planet from outside of the atmosphere. We will have a second stage to keep the air filled with music at all times in addition to the Lunar DJ Stage containedwithin our Artist showcase area. The artists who will be featured throughout the property and live on our stages will fill this area with ambient music and late night deep house to set the mood s all manner of visionary discuss, showcase and sell their work. There will be more goods ranging from clothing to glassware along with an eclectic blend of food all hand picked by our team to deliver the best accessories to a holistic experience. Our mission is to carry the creative spirit throughout the entire property as to provide a haven for renewal, progress and fun! We look forward to co-creating a beautiful experience with all who attend and many more.



Few select Shpongletron 3.0 moments (Zebbler POV) from Zebbler on Vimeo.

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