Bujak Review




I discovered Jeff Bujak during my brain-melting ventures at last year’s Rock n’ Roll Resort: Psybient Soiree. It was there that he won me over with his melodic piano a la womp. Having been nearly a year since my last Bujak encounter, I was excited for a much needed round two at Sullivan Hall.




Opening up, we caught Indobox, who brought about a good crowd for Bujak’s set. Bouncy, catchy, fun- all of the above. They slowly and surely transformed the room’s wallflowers into head bobbers, and the bobbers onward to awkward wiggler status. By the end of the set, many of the squirmies had evolved into full-fledged shakedown mode (the point where you’re wearing a shit-eating grin, and just don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of your dancing because you’re clearly winning at fun).




We then had a smooth transition into Normal Instruments, a New England based improv crew featuring Michael Carter from the Indobox, Jules Jenssen from Higher Organix, Matt Beckett from Cosmic Dust Bunnies,  and Mr. Keys himself- Jeff Bujak. Completely in sync and nothing but smiles and good vibes, these guys far exceeded any and all expectations. Their NYC debut was nothing short of eargasmic jamtronica bliss – so good you pretty much just splooged all your endorphins and need to go have a ciggarette.




Now it’s time for something different. Complete with a foxy LED hooper crankin it out by his side, Bujak turned this place into a proper dance party. His sounds jump genres from clubby-dubby womps to spacey melodiousness to fast-fingered pianist perfections. Jeff Bujak  is simply the type of guy that makes you wish your parents had forced you to practice piano as a kid.  If I had known that one day I could be a barefoot-badass up on stage encompassed by keyboards that belted out surrealist sonance, I would have been more motivated to perfect Mary Had a Little Lamb.

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