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Shout out to the Mayans. Back in the day when the Mayans decided to make a calendar that ended in 2012 dooming the world to a fiery end they didn’t realize that what they were really doing was freeing humanity to party until shit got weird. Shakedowns were happening all over the city but the Blockley came out on top yet again. Philadelphia, you disco rangers must be doing something right because DJ/ producer Ashley Jones aka Treasure Fingers decided to come up all the way from Atlanta to spend his last day on earth with you. In your honor he threw a  space disco boogie woog – the prime environment to shout to the sky, “Fuck it all this shit don’t matter anymore! Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Props to Wyllys for starting us off right with his groovy beats and for decorating faces with geometric-sexiness that would’ve made the Mesoamericans proud. Thank you Treasure Fingers for a fantastical blast of funky fun. It was so wiggalicious that I don’t think anyone would have even noticed come midnight that the sky hadn’t started raining fire if a couple babes with trays full of whiskey hadn’t flooded the dancefloor congratulating everyone for successfully surviving the end of the world. I vote Apocalypse becomes an annual holiday.

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