Diplo’s Trap Hawk Down concept was hands down one of the wildest things I’ve heard of.  Four cities in one night via helicopter. BAM BAM BAM BAM- like some sort of DJ Santa Claus hitting every club’s chimney to bring all the boys and girls a night of ratchet raunch.

6:00 – Baltimore

9:30 – Philly

12:30- Atlantic City

3:30- New York City

I personally wouldn’t have picked The Westway for this NYC show. The venue is tiny so unlike Soundgarden Hall or the Ottobar, the  floor was packed like a little can of slutty sardines. You could have been ready to explode with self expression – for all I care, your ass could have been prepared to clap like an automatic weapon. Yet, there wasn’t even room to wiggle your ass smidgen without giving some guy behind you a hard-on and a head full of wishful thinking. While the other shows had a designated TWERK wall for ladies to show off their utmost elegance and cultivated grace – there was none to be seen at the Westway. Nor was there any stage-side twerkoholics. I was a little bit disappointed to say the least – it’s Diplo for christ sake. I expect to see nothing short of acrobatic lesbian softcore porn.

Diplo kicked off his set by telling us, “You don’t even know how tired I am right now.” Yes, while Diplo probably could have used a nap between the trap, he still threw it down hard for all the night owls in the city that never sleeps. Sure, there was no standing on the DJ booth like a king on his throne, nor was there any crowd surfing into the abyss of condensed ragers. But at least the ham took off his t-shirt for all the ladies to woo over the piece of man-meat they dream of being daggered by.


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