Camp Bisco stepped it up considerably from last year – bigger tents, less wooks; just an all around cleaner vibe. While we were there primarily for the action in the B.I.G tent (which was so gigantasaurus, last year’s Grooveshark tent could have easily fit inside of it), the Biscuits were the obvious crowd pleaser, playing six different sets throughout the weekend. Each member went on to play a additional side-sets in the VIP tent which made those $500 tickets worth it for diehard biscuit-heads.

Thursday’s big bang was the Zedd and Porter Robinson super badass tagteam set in the BIG tent where pretty much all of Bisco was wiggling ass and melting face. We thought Zedd was only going to stick around for a couple tracks thru Porter’s transition, but the audience got the whole sha-biggity-bang.

Friday was the HOLY-SHIT amazeballs music day for our crew full of down-tempo sexy beats with Blockhead and Emancipator. Then there was Amon Tobin who made everyone’s jaw drop wondering what the hell was happening on the stage as he played from inside this acid-lego visually mapped sound dome. Shit got bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s at the BIG tent with Dada Life and the performance of the night went to Mimosa. I’d honestly say he was the performance of the entire weekend, aside from the fact that by the time he finished his bottle of Patron Silver he asked the Bisco crowd, “WHATS UP BONAROOOO?” We forgave him.

All together, such a solid Bisco. I saw sights. I saw size 42 HH nigerian boobies in a size B sports bra. I saw Jesus’s doppleganger wearing a glow-crown-of-thornes blow lines of molly of those very same boobies. I saw a lanky boy in a lions mask bend over strangers and growl ferociously in their ears as he performed Rocky Horror quality pelvic thrusting. That lion ate all the ecstacies. The Y-stacies. The Z-stacies. the MNOP-stacies.

The dancing I witnessed. Oh the dancing. I don’t even know if I could call it dancing. I saw biddies… expressing themselves. Madonna would have been proud as hell.

For photo sampler [click here]

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