Sometimes as an event photographer you encounter awkward moments.

One such moment is walking in to photograph world renounced DJ/producer Bonobo, and opening your bag to realize you only packed your wide angle lens. But then you come to find out there’s no photo pit. And son of a bitch, there’s no stage shooting.

However, there is a sea of sweaty bodies swaying back and forth in a down-tempo trance of broken beats. And just when Bonobo’s jazzy gloriousness gets funky and your toes are tapping as you’re in Bottle Service drinking away your shyness — just then — he’ll drop that dancy-fancy-fresh that makes you want to bounce. Then all the sudden you see folks shoot up off those posh velvet sofas, let that $200 bottle of Kettle One sit by it’s lonesome for a minute, grab a lady-friend and get down. And while you’re having a good ol’ drunken time, I’ll hijack your vodka and welcome myself to your table.

May we present you with the people of Bonobo.

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