bigup-8 Review


Wondering where Big Up was last year? It was clearly taking it’s beauty rest so it could come back in 2013 after it’s hibernation and hit you with a hurricane of feisty festie lunacy. Claverack, NY was home sweet home to this year’s Big Up, and I can tell you with certainty that Michael Jordan didn’t have shit on this Space Jam.

Set up much like All Good Festival, the main performance area contained the Heineken Main Stage which was only a jump, skip, and a hop away from the Spaceball City tent next door. Oh, what’s that? You’re not in the mood for jammie-jam banjo-ho-ho-hoedown right now? Okay, then bounce that ass about 20 feet to the right and get in that tent for a booty-pop twerkshop.


If you wanted to get your Dora the Explorer adventure-time on, the Schwartz Woods Stage was just for you. A journey through a neon jungle that could only be described as a raver’s rainforest led you to a small stage covered in mirrors and vibrant UV fabric cobwebs. The Woods stage thumped all night, and no matter the hour, one could always find smiling faces dancing there with the colorful trees.



Time didn’t matter at Big Up, the festies danced on. These festival-goers were loyal to lunacy and danced through dark, light, rain and shine. And I’ll be the first one to tell you- it rained like some Day After Tomorrow shit. The was torrential rainfalls for the first two days, to the point where the mud pretty much ate your shoes then spit them out back into the slushy abyss and then you’re looking down at your feet like “…fuck it…BAREFOOT THROUGH THE PLAYDOUGH FLOOR!”


Many thanks to the Big Up crew for laying plenty of hay and providing us with a bootleg staircase to heaven so we could semi-safely make it up the the slippery slope that we all lived on. Safety third.


My Thursday night highlight was definitely Gigamesh at the Spaceball tent. High-energy, disco-fever sequin-sexy beats. I felt as though my outfit of tits and sparkle pants was perfectly fitting for the Studio 54 nostalgia. The only thing that could’ve topped that set was having the Spaceballs tent turn into a roller disco full of Eastern European super models in neon booty shorts.


The Friday favorite was Escort, who served up some disco-wiggle bubblefunk with that perfected retro-precision. Amazeballs live troupe aside; I now have lesbian jungle-fever for leader singer Adeline Michele.


Saturday, was the day of guest appearances: the sun special guested in the sky and Jans Ingber  from Motet special guested with Kung Fu, paying a tribute set to Prince. This was without question my favorite set of the night, beings as Prince is my spirit animal. Jans is a hell of a performer, the guy honestly blew my socks off [I was actually wearing socks and shoes at this point because I wasn’t dancing in a  rainy mush puddle anymore!). His dance moves couldn’t help but make you grin. Yes, all the classics were played, “Purple Rain,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Raspberry beret;” all those hits with colorful titles.


The closing night was just packed with great tunes. Beats Antique hit the crowd with tantric temple jazziness. Gypsy Zingara Zoe Jakes woo’d the crowd with everything from her entrancing bellydancing to her energy-blasting fits of ragetasticness that had her snapping her drumstick by the third tune. Eskmo turned trash into treasure, literally, making musical loops with beer cans and paper shreds. An-ten-nae brought California’s dirtiest acid-crunk to the East Coast. Finally, Orchard Lounge finished the weekend off with a nu-disco sunrise set that took us to 6:45 am. If you made it to 6:45 am Saturday and were still dancing on with unrivaled energy- you go Glen Coco. You won Big Up. Rematch next year?





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